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Our Top 5 Simple Picnic Tips for Perfecting Your Picnic

July 20, 2022

Nothing beats a picnic in the summer. It’s an easy way to enjoy the fresh summer air, delicious food, and good company. July is #NationalPicnicMonth and we’re looking forward laying down a picnic blanket and laying in the afternoon sun- but not without running through our top 5 picnic tips first!

1. Pack the Essentials

There’s a few simple items crucial for safe outdoor fun. As picnics often involve sandwiches and finger foods, keep it clean and pack an antibacterial hand sanitizer. Second, a bottle of bug spray goes a long way to ward off uninvited pests. For extra bug protection, try citronella torches or repellent incense sticks. Furthermore, protect your skin and pack sunscreen. This is a must-have, even on a cloudy day as UV light can penetrate clouds even during overcast weather. Finally, don’t forget your sun hat!

2. Plan the Picnic Menu

A few tasty sandwiches and ice cold drinks can work for a picnic just as well as a Pinterest-worthy spread, however the true key to a successful picnic meal is packing foods that travel well and are easy to serve. Fried chicken, sandwiches, and potato salads are classic options that fit the above requirements. Other excellent picnic options are summer rolls, pizza, hummus and pitas, or our Dynamite Pork Spring Rolls. Avoid side salads with chopped lettuce as the greens can become too wilted. Salads with sturdier ingredients such as a bean salad, pasta salad, or our Elote Salad tend to maintain their taste and texture for longer periods in the heat. To round out your picnic meal, don’t forget dessert! Frosted cakes and cupcakes don’t fare well in the summer heat, and cutting and serving a pie will require extra cutlery and plates. Bars and cookies, such as our White Chocolate and Orange Snicker Doodles are great self-serve options.

3. Stay Hydrated

It’s important to keep well hydrated when spending time outdoors. Use insulated travel mugs or bottles to keep water cold. Sparkling waters, fruit teas, iced teas, and lemonade are also ideal picnic drink options.

4. Pack Carefully

Pack cold foods carefully in a cooler. Ideally, pack cold drinks and other heavy items at the bottom of the cooler, and smaller or fragile items such as sandwiches on the top of the heavy items. Add a few ice packs in to keep food fresh. Items not requiring refrigeration such as whole fruit and chips can be stored in a large tote bag or basket with cutlery, plates, and napkins. Pro tip: pack your picnic or beach blanket on the top of the basket, so you can neatly spread your items on top of the blanket as you go.

5. Location, Location, Location!

We love how versatile picnics can be. A patch of grass in a lively city park works just as well as a quiet clearing alongside a scenic river bend. We recommend selecting a location with some shade to avoid overheating, however a large beach umbrella can provide some sun relief if needed.

A true picnic essential: Your sun hat.