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3 ingredients you’ll want to get your hands on this Spring 

April 25, 2024

Spring has sprung, and we couldn’t be happier! Days are getting longer, the sun is shining, and we’re excited to get cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients. No matter what your family favorite meals are, we have some trending ingredients to incorporate this season. They’re fresh and bright, making them the perfect complement for your table tonight.  

Buckwheat is back!  

Buckwheat is a grain that doesn’t often get much love, but we believe it should. It’s a nutritional powerhouse ingredient that’s packed with fiber and antioxidants. One of our favorite things about buckwheat is that it is gluten-free! Despite “wheat” being part of the name, buckwheat is not actually related to wheat making it a great substitute, for everyone to enjoy. 

 And we can’t forget about the great nutrients it provides. Buckwheat is high in:  

  • Minerals like copper, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous  
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B complexes, Vitamin C and E  
  • Dietary fiber  

Where can you use this great ingredient in your cooking? Anywhere you would use other grains is a great place to start. Maybe it’s your favorite salad, as a side dish, or in granola and cereals, buckwheat is a seamless addition. It’s mild yet nutty flavor is an understated star in your dish.  

Soba noodles are also made of buckwheat – creating a fabulous noodle that is hearty and nutrient-packed. Use soba noodles in salads or stir fry’s as they absorb and showcase the sauces and flavors beautifully.

The two veggies you underestimated: zucchini and eggplant 

Did we mention zucchini and eggplant are in season this month? These veggies will be readily available in grocery stores and are worth getting your hands on. No matter how you like to prepare them – they’re worth the add on your next grocery list. Their light and neutral taste makes them the perfect canvas for seasoning and having fun with.  

Try our Grilled Ratatouille Flatbread this spring. We’re obsessed with grilled seasonal vegetables and bocconcini cheese marinated in Wesson Canola Oil, balsamic vinegar, and your favorite spices. This flatbread pizza is served on our Wesson Basics Pizza Dough crisped up to perfection on the BBQ. It’s fresh, light and satisfying, with a burst of flavor in every bite.  

The secret to this pizza is marinating the bocconcini cheese in balsamic vinegar and Wesson Oil – adding a punch of flavor that you didn’t know you needed. Brush the edge of your pizza dough with Wesson Canola Oil, garlic, and seasonings to create a flavorful base that will leave your taste buds happy. Try our Grilled Ratatouille Flatbread today! 

Herbs all the time: parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, mint  

The common saying “it’s the little things in life” is true when it comes to herbs. Despite these little plants being small, they pack a punch when it comes to elevating your dishes. Fresh herbs are not only scrumptious flavor but an undeniably delicious aroma that is just as fresh and crisp as spring itself. 

Whether you’re making salads, entrees, or appetizers, adding fresh herbs to your dishes will perfect your recipes. Some of our favorites include adding fresh chopped basil to our Grilled Ratatouille Flatbread, adding mint leaves to a fruit salad, or cilantro to our Mediterranean buckwheat salad. 

 Another way to pack more herbs into your dishes is with our Compound Plant Butter Recipes. Elevate your spread game by incorporating fresh parsley, garlic, and lemon zest into the equation. Not only are the aromas uplifting, but the fresh and zesty flavors add a little something to wow your guests. Get creative and experiment with different flavor combinations whether you’re craving something savory, spicy, or sweet. Check out some of our ideas here.  

Having trouble finding fresh herbs at your local grocery store? Check your nearest garden center! Growing your own herbs is a great way to enjoy herbs at your fingertips all summer. 

We hope you enjoy cooking with these spring ingredients just as much as we do. Find our full recipe library on our Ideas & More page, where you can get inspired and taste what you love tonight.