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A Pure Foundation for Every Meal

Light-tasting, healthy, plant-based cooking oils. For over a century, Wesson cooking oils have been used and loved in kitchens across America. And for good reason. Our oils contain no trans fat, no chemicals, no preservatives, no coloring agents, and are naturally cholesterol free. Perfect for stir-frying, vinaigrettes, marinades, baking, and deep frying.

Canola Oil

With its high smoke point, this heart-healthy oil is a great match for any type of cooking. Go ahead- turn up the heat with Wesson Canola Oil.

Vegetable Oil

This classic oil is a true pantry staple. From salad dressings to deep frying, Wesson Vegetable Oil can do it all.

Corn Oil

Go ahead, let it sizzle. Wesson Corn Oil is the perfect match for all full flavor dishes.

Best Blend

The best oil for your favorite dishes. The most versatile cooking oil, Wesson Best Blend.
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