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From the Wesson Kitchen – Quick & Easy Cake Tips

March 21, 2022

We’re all for spending a leisurely afternoon savoring art of baking (hello, self-care), but busy schedules don’t always allow for it. While you can’t rush good baking, you can make the most of your minutes using a few tips and tricks put together by the chefs at the Wesson Kitchen. 

1. Read through your recipe in full before starting. This will save time by ensuring you understand each step and have every necessary ingredient and tool before beginning. Remember- baking is a science. Even in a hurry, it requires patience and accuracy.

2. Using a silicone brush, slather on a thin layer of Wesson Oil to the inside of your measuring cup when adding honey, molasses, or peanut butter to your batter. This will help the sticky ingredients slide right out. Added bonus: it also cuts down on dish washing time. 

3. Mix your batter while your oven is preheating, and make the icing while your cake is baking. Just remember to always wait until your cake is completely cool before icing. 

4. No time to ice an entire cake? Try a ganache- they’re easy to make, and can be more forgiving on uneven surfaces compared to icing. Simply make your ganache and pour over your cooled cake. Our chocolate ganache would taste great on most cake recipes.

5. Bake cakes ahead of time and freeze for later use. Having an extra cake in your freezer can be a life saver for last minute guests. The method is simple:  tightly cover unfrosted cake layers with plastic wrap and store in the freezer for up to two months. To thaw, simply unwrap and place on counter top for 2-3 hours before decorating.