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Date Night at Home with Wesson

January 22, 2024

Don’t get us wrong, we love a fun date night out with great company, but Valentine’s Day can be busy, and restaurant reservations can be hard to come by. We like to avoid the chaos by creating a date night at home! Something as underrated as creating a special night in the comfort of your own home can be fun and special. No matter how you envision spending your Valentine’s Day or any date night this winter, we have a few tips to make it memorable and easily top a night out. 

1. Set aside the time

Make sure your evening feels different than any other night in. This requires a little bit of extra time and thought towards how you want to spend your evening – a little planning goes a long way but it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Brainstorm an idea for your ideal menu and what you’ll need to make it come to life. Bring the restaurant atmosphere into your home by setting the table with some cloth napkins and water glasses. Simple additions to your set up such as candles and music are an easy way to create the perfect ambiance. Don’t forget about the rest of the evening – think about picking out a favorite movie to watch or perhaps pulling out your favorite card game for some post-dinner entertainment. 

2. Find the perfect recipe and keep it simple

People often think date night at home means they need to be an all-star chef and create an elaborate 5 course meal. But we disagree! If there’s a certain recipe or food that you’re craving, go for it! But you don’t need to make something extravagant for it to be delicious. Trying a new twist on a favorite recipe is a great way to make date night special. A few special ingredients can go a long way in turning a classic dish into an all-star dish. Choosing a simple recipe also allows you to focus on having fun and celebrating your guests. Remember to enjoy your night too! 

3. You can’t go wrong with a good pasta dish

When we think about date night, pasta is often a meal that comes to mind. There is something romantic about enjoying a delicious bowl of pasta at a candlelit table, so why not give it a try. We created the perfect Date Night Pasta recipe for you – one that is simple and only requires 8 ingredients, while being an impressive crowd pleaser. It’s the perfect combination of tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and garlic into a delicious sauce that explodes with flavor in every bite. Let the meal to the talking and it’ll speak for itself! Try our Date Night Pasta for your next date night at home.